Nuk Ruk Legacy Downloads

For over a decade, Nuk Ruk changed the way artists performed. Their collective imagination brought new insights that broke the limitations to what concert attendees were accustomed, and won an award for it. No show was the same. Each customized. Each powerfully delivered.

To no surprise, there generated an underground following of Rukians, as they called them, that would not allow the rukus to die. When the group moved on, an echo down the halls of hip hop’s past grew stronger until fan sites were launched and people identified themselves as Nuk Ruk in order to resurrect the culture it once created. This echo still sounds, “I am Nuk Ruk.”

Below, a list of songs, drafts and master-copies, are available for download in honor of the culture that Nuk Ruk left behind. And, as the CDs, shirts, tracts, shows, food and water were free in their past, so are the downloads.

If you have some Nuk Ruk songs to add to this list, please send them to us.

The Road Less Traveled (1994)
Here Comes the Nuk Ruk Master
The Road Less Traveled Master
Under the Sun Master
Two Roads (Tract) Master
Unexplained Master
Blood Brothers Master
Jerry Wayne Outroduction (Thank You's) Master
The WorldChangers (1995)
Introduction Master
The Worldchangers Master
The Worldchangers (Acapella) Master
The Worldchangers (Instrumental) Master
The Invaderz of the Dark (1997)
Entrance Master
Mr. Hedbanger Master
Blood Brothers Master
Conscience Master
Verbal Thoughts Master
Take My Breath Away Master
Star Wars Master
Science (featuring Black Seed) Master
The Road Less Traveled Master
Raw Master
I Gets Down Master
The Conneksion Master
Connek Master
The Champion Master
Bring Down the Rukus Master
Who's Your Leader? Master
Choices Master
Power to Resurrect Master
Ugly Duklings Master
God vs. Fantasy Master
New War Order Master
Yo Quiero Nuk Ruk Master
Birth Master
The Encounter Master
In Time Armageddon Master
Through My Eyes Master
Hedrocks Master
Words Too Hard to Swallow Master
One Nation Under God Master
Enter the Light Master
Bonus Track: DAT Story Master
The RESurrection (Compilation) (1999)
The Invaderz of the Dark, Chapter One (2000)
The Invaderz of the Dark, Chapter Two (unreleased)
Bionic Banger Draft
Day of the Apostates Draft
Illing Instrumental
Religion Instrumental
Roll with the Punches Instrumental
The Long Ranger Master
I am Nuk Ruk (unreleased)
Before I Was King Draft
Hillbilly Rukus Incomplete
Howdy Boys Master
Love Money Dove Draft
On Rewind Unmixed
One More Time Master
The Fanatic Master
When Beats Drop Draft
AliasBDI (unreleased)
Be All Right Master
Confessions Instrumental
Nuk Ruk Instrumental
Something to Show Master
Super Draft
The N Instrumental
Turn It Up Master
Typical (featuring Cookbook of LA Symphony) Draft
Untitled album by Ethik (unreleased)
The Lone Ranger (Classic Hip Hop Cowboy) Master
Take My Breath Away (Revisited) Master
Southern Stars (A Nuk Ruk Production) (2004)